Jes Falcon

Other praise and critics

Ross Muir at

“Jes Falcon has a very distinct vocal sound, both in accent and vocality, and delivers songs best described as alternative rock.
I would go further – if the Punk movement had got tired of their own brand of music one day and decided to invent their own form of slightly off-centre guitar-riff rock they may well have created songs like ‘Nights Are Not the Same Without You’ and ‘No Cover.’
this is also one of those albums and one of those artists that’s a little bit different from the standard rock norm.
And for that reason alone they deserve to be given a listen and receive a fair hearing from the Skope’s and FabricationsHQ’s of the world”.

LeAnn Zotta, (VicePresident. Songdoor)

“Insightful and clever lyrics. We couldn´t get the chourus out of our heads. This subject matter has been done a hundred times but not this way. He´s really good at twisting a common lyric into something interesting.Very creative, very original”

José María Carrasco, (Rock Reaktor, Spanish National Radio)

“I like what he does, I love his references and the result is very good”

Jackson Cooper, (Riviera FM, UK)

“Great album!”

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