Jes Falcon

Jes Falcon

HeldervueJes Falcon, was born in the green, rainy and celtic north of Spain and moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the end of the 90´s. He´s been travelling constantly between Amsterdam and Madrid via New York, London, Paris, Rome, Athens, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Cologne, Lisbon, Oslo and many more.

It all started while playing rock music at high school and then composing some music for radio programs at independent (and pirate) radio stations which prompted him to start composing rock songs.

He had been releasing material for some time considered by Jes as “just some kinda long demos” when in 2011 he joins forces with spanish guitar player Antonio Turro who convinces Jes to professionally record an album at a lovely studio by the mediterranean sea with the help of a couple of producers and he releases Fake Bluff.

Many online and “classic” radio stations in Europe and the U.S. have actively played songs from this album.

Produced by The Mechanical Eye and featuring the brilliant and sexy play actress Laura Hernando, a promotional music video for the song Nights Are Not The Same Without You which in fact turns out to be a funny, spooky and interesting 3 and a half minutes short film is shot as well to critical acclaim just a couple of months ago.

His shy evil girl logo is instantly recognizable as Jes Falcon´s hallmark.