Jes Falcon

Review by Rebecca Hosking


Jes Falcon is celebrating his first full length CD release, “Fake Bluff”. Jes seems to have a knack for networking and keeping focused on the business at hand. He is a talented musician with a brain for business and he knows how to get the job done.

“Fake Bluff” is a perfect example of his focus and drive. The CD is packed with driving guitars and great lyrical content. There is a track called, “Kidnap Me”, one of the most clever songs I have heard in awhile. It gets your attention with a crying guitar that literally sounds like it is shedding tears. Then the drum beat wakes up and everything calms so you can listen to each word. I played this song in particular several times. It is irresistibly hooky and yes, I get it. There are some days I would not mind someone taking me away from it all, either.

Overall the atmosphere of the music is adventurous with a touch of ambivalence. Which is the most compelling thing about the music. He has colorful descriptions with a variety of emotions.

He resides in the Netherlands but you can tell he is well traveled and aware of his surroundings at all times. His songs are 3 minute observations and play out like little mini movies. Jes Falcon has come to entertain you. I can only suggest you sit back relax and let him do his job.

I hope he continues putting one foot in front of the other and banging out these tunes for many years to come. He’s gained a fan in me. This is a great starting point and it can only get better from here.

Excerpts by Duss Rodgers at the music biz buzz

Totally unique and at times odd in delivery Jes offers us a dose of guitar riff driven melodies meshed with a strange and eccentric vocal platter. An interesting listen, I feel that Jes is on his way to a musical position that he can be proud of and that will find it’s way into a definitive niche group of “out there” rockers…If you’re in the market for future potential or if you’re a fan of the eccentric, be sure to check this cat out

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